We’re All Just Human: 3 Things We Should Remember When Stalking Fitness Instagrams

Admit it, you definitely follow more than one fitness Instagram account. You stalk his or her progress pictures, read all of their gym workouts, aspire to look just like them, and probably slump into a little self-hate when you feel like your ab game will never measure up to theirs.

I do it, we all do. However, because I’m a bit of a fitness junkie I think I probably stalk these people a little more than the average person. Mainly because I love the motivational aspect that these people give you-they make me realize that the body I want will not come from just looking at their page, but I also need to get my ass in gear.

What is shocking to me about these accounts however, are that people following them tend to forget that those instagram pictures you’re stalking-those are real people. Real people, with real feelings and emotions just like us. Do they have a killer body? Sure. But, that doesn’t mean we should only see them for that.

These Insta-Famous fitness junkies are courageous.

Not what you expected me to say right? But they SO are. They are putting it all out there on a social platform that lends them to some really f*cked up comments by internet trolls. They posts pictures to motivate their followers, to show people how far they’ve come (and that you can do it too), they supply you with workouts you can do on your own-and with that they get sh*t on, called name after name, and are only seen for their body.

Many of the accounts you follow probably don’t let you in on the side that says, “Hey, I’m a real person too!”. So, you inevitably just see them for their body. However, remember that these people are just that-people. One account that I follow,https://www.instagram.com/katiesfitscript/ recently made a post about just this. So, take a minute-read her thoughts and how these fitness gurus we look up to actually have feelings too.

Comparison is the ultimate thief of happiness.

Do I wish I had abs like Jorgine aka Funkyginehttps://www.instagram.com/funkygine/?hl=en – hell yea. I would be lying if I said I didn’t. However, I cannot compare myself to her, or anyone else for that matter. My body is completely different than hers, different than Katies Fit Script, different from yours. So, take it with a grain of salt as they say. Use these accounts as motivation, inspiration, and as a tool to learn new information. Do not use these accounts to self-loathe, body shame, or any other type of self-hate.


Take your hateful comments somewhere else.

These people did not make Instagram accounts to receive the f*cked up comments some of you people decide to write on their pictures. They made them to gain confidence within themselves, to teach others, to inspire and motivate others, aka YOU. You do not know these people personally, nor do I, just because you follow them on a social platform. So, if they post something about their personal life-why are you telling them they are wrong, should do x differently, are ugly, are stupid, etc.? These accounts you follow-they’re humans too. Remember that the next time you start typing out some nasty comment.


We all want kick-ass bodies, and the people who post about theirs on Instagram shouldn’t be put to shame for doing so. They’re there to help you, inspire you, and some to make a life and career out of it. So, cheer them on. They worked hard to get to where they are, just as you are working hard to get to some place in your life. Use their accounts for what they are-motivation. And then go get out there and work hard yourself, rather than sitting on your couch typing out crude comments on their awesome pictures.

Via: https://onmogul.com/stories/we-re-all-just-human-3-things-we-should-remember-when-stalking-fitness-instagrams


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