Trending In Beauty: Pigtail Braids Are Back And Here To Stay

As a millennial, I remember rocking my pigtail dutch braids like a boss-at my soccer games. They were cute, functional, and got my long hair out of my eyes while trying to play. Never did I think the day would come when those braids would be back, and bigger than ever.

No longer are these pigtail braids, also known as ‘boxer braids’, thrown in for soccer games, or ‘wacky hair day’ at school. They are back full-force, and trending in the ‘street-style’ sections of your magazines. This hairstyle is back, and most definitely here to stay.

If you’ve been living in a hole, and haven’t been noticing the intense comeback this hairstyle is making, here’s the low-down.

Kim K and her glam team pulled out all the stops to turn these once kid-wearing braids look, into a trendy, chic, and rather addicting hairstyle-and the world is following along (not going to lie, I’m wearing my hair like this right now, but probably way less chic than Kim).

The Kardashian family is following the trend, beauty Youtubers are showing you the looks on their channels, Instagrammers are re-creating the look-there is no stopping the dutch braids (and I for one, am not mad about it).

These ‘boxer braids’ make you look cute, but also say ‘don’t f*** with me’ at the same time, a great message when you’re walking the streets of NYC in a hurry.

Although Kim K makes them look ideal for a going-out look, they are also perfect for your everyday hustle and bustle. Going to a boxing class? Braids. Going to the gym in general? Braids. At a loss with what to do with your greasy, frizzy, disheveled hair and have no time? Braids it is.

Not only does it work well for different occasions, it also works for different types of hair. FINALLY. I mean seriously, what are the chances that we find a hairstyle that works on my pin straight hair, the girl next to me’s afro, and the girl next to her’s paper thin hair!? It’s magical, and we should embrace it.

However, let’s be real, you probably don’t have a team of stylists on speed dial to turn your hair from frizzy mess to trendy braids. But thanks to the internet gods, we’ve got some serious DIY’s to help you accomplish this look without accidently creating a throw back thursday to when you were that ten year old girl ruling the soccer field.


What you’ll need: Brush, big clip, two hair ties, and maybe a little arm strength to hold that hair up for a bit.

DIY Dutch Braid How To

Additional Tips & Tricks to Achieve This Look:


Step one

Blow dry your hair until it’s smooth with a paddle brush. For very coarse and curly hair, you may want to use a flat iron to straighten the hair post-blow dry.

Step two

For fine hair, spray the hair with dry texturising spray and brush the product through the hair. Using a pin tail comb, create a deep center part from the hairline down till the nape of your neck. Divide hair into two parts, tying up one side to keep them separated.

Step three

Rub a pea-sized amount of rough wax through your hands to give you some grip. (Not necessary if you’re in a rush, but a great tip to make those braids stand out).

Step four

Take a section of hair close to the hairline and further divide the section into three parts. Start French braiding tightly and close to the scalp, adding hair from the left and right as you go along, working down the scalp. [You can do a Dutch braid instead for the authentic Kim K look using the video above]. When you get to the bottom section and there is no more hair to gather, switch to a classic plait. Tie the ends with a clear elastic band. Repeat with other side.

Step five

Once complete, spritz hair with fine hairspray to keep the style in place and to remove any flyaway hair.

With this look here to stay, it is definitely time to get on board and try it out. Whether you have long hair, short hair, thick, thin, coarse, curly-you can achieve your Kim K look without fail.


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