Failing At Life Right Now? Relax, It’s Not The End All

An Epiphany A Day

We all fail. It’s a fact of life. We fail, we make mistakes, we make bad calls (like maybe I shouldn’t have eaten all of the cake last night)- but what’s truly important is how we recover from those bumps in the road. You may not get it right the first few times, or even the first ten times, but keep trying, because you will succeed.

You may be skeptical of this if you’ve recently experienced one too many bumps in your road- I get it, I’ve been there (maybe still am a little). However, there is nothing more rewarding than being able to say you’ve gotten through x, y, and z and have landed where you are today because of what seemed like a huge failure at the time.

If you’re currently battling a rough patch on your journey called life, I’m not saying there is some magic quick…

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