I started writing and my blog about two years ago because I was experiencing so many crazy (both good and bad) life moments and epiphanies that I knew others were probably going through as well. I wanted my blog to be a place for people to and say, ‘wait, I’m going through that too..I’m not alone!’. Now, with two more years of life lessons and experiences behind me, ‘A Slice of Life’ is something that represents what I really want to share- still the relatable ‘she gets me’ posts, but also the idea that like a slice of pizza or really good cake, life can be messy AF, but is beautiful (and in this metaphors case, delicious as well). I’m taking you on my personal journey that is sometimes beautiful, crazy, eye-opening, or even really sad.

My goal for this blog is to post things that we all are actually dealing with, to share with you all of my passions and not box myself in to one category of ‘life’ or ‘fitness’. I’m a writer, a student, a friend, a dog-obsessed human, someone who struggles, who loves fitness but also loves pizza, who cries a lot but smiles just as much- I’m a lot of different things and I can’t wait to share it all with you through my writing.

One day you may get a post about mental health and the next about fitness. But all in all, you’re getting a different ‘slice’ of my life every time that you can relate to (and if you can’t, hopefully you’ll get a good laugh or a cute dog picture).