Bow Down To The Alpha Females In The Room

May 31, 2016


Until I reached my 20’s, I never really thought of myself as an ‘alpha female’. I mean, I’ve always been independent (insert Destiny’s Child lyrics here), I’ve never relied on a male (unless it was my awesome Dad), and I’ve always done what I wanted to do. I’ve always been shy, timid at times, and yet some would call me ‘intimidating’, and boys wouldn’t talk to me because of that. I had issues in relationships because I wanted to do me, and wouldn’t let any jealous boy get in the way of that. I wanted to accomplish goals, travel, experience the world, and I didn’t need anyone to hold my hand through it. 

Now, I realize that although people (manly boys) were intimidated by my independence, it’s one of my best assets-one I won’t let go of for anyone.

The ‘alpha’ female in me has grown and changed throughout the years, sometimes wanted to break down and give up, but has always stayed and pushed me through some seriously rough times. It’s broken the barriers between wanting to reach my goal and being too afraid, allowing me to just go for it no matter what happened in the end. It’s allowed me to never settle for a relationship that weighs me down, but rather one where I can have an equal counter part who allows me to be me. It holds my head up when others question my decisions, and gives me the strength I need to keep pushing.

Being an independent, ‘alpha’ women in today’s world is generally more accepted than it once was, but there are still people (men and women both) who think it’s a negative trait for a woman to have. Luckily, myself along with the other strong women in the room don’t give a sh*t what ‘others’ say, and won’t settle for the basic essentials in life.

Alpha Females are; strong, leaders, independent, goal oriented, driven, and know how to stand up for themselves.

I think these women are forgotten in the midst of everyone craving that beautiful, Instagram model with 1M followers, and other ‘assets’. These women get pushed aside while the men are congratulated for all of the successes, pay raises, and for sleeping with X amount of women (yea I went there).

But, we’re still here. We’re still pushing for what we want out of this world, we’re still aiming high. And maybe that doesn’t align with the cookie cutter life that women are told we’re supposed to have. Maybe that doesn’t fall into place with having 2.5 kids by the time we’re 25, and staying at home to take care of those kids. Maybe there’s a lot more out of this life that we crave than a white picket fence by 30.

So, here’s to the ‘alphas’ in the room. Here’s to the ladies that strive for more no matter the circumstances, and no matter the obstacles that they face. Here’s to the women that are leaders, who show that if you are driven and determined you will succeed.

And if you are one of these women, applaud yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t be a leader, that you shouldn’t want more, that you can’t have all that you want.

Keep striving, keep reaching, don’t quit.

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