Experiencing 'All The Feels': Why Being 'Sensitive' Is Okay

May 24, 2016

For some of us, ‘sensitive’ is one of those words people use to describe us. Along with hot mess, emotional, and a few others I’m sure. We may seem ‘too sensitive’ to others, and naturally feel bad about ourselves when people explain us in that way. However, if you fall under this category of being labeled ‘too sensitive’ (like myself), I say GOOD. Why? Because that means you care. You care deeply, wildly, maybe sometimes a little too much, but at least you care. Whether it’s about your friends, family, job, significant other, pet, you feel what they feel.

You probably are an extreme people pleaser, a little crazy at times, and when someone hurts you, you feel it just a little bit harder than the average person.

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I get it, I’m there with you. If your loved one is hurt, you hurt with them. If your dog has to go to the vet, you feel like you’re walking into a horrible doctor’s office with them (okay, maybe that’s just me…). And when someone throws shade your way, you have a hard time taking it lightly.

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It’s a tough personality trait to deal with. We’re ‘too sensitive’, but then appreciated when we’re the only one’s there for a friend in need. We’re a ‘hot mess’, but then a welcome shoulder to cry on. We can’t seem to win, but that’s okay. Being sensitive, emotional, it makes us who we are. We can relate to our peers better, we can understand one another better (most of the time), and naturally have more empathy for others.

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But, let’s not get these characteristics confused with bat shit crazy. If you’re constantly stealing your boyfriends phone and scrolling through his texts, you’re not being a hot mess, too sensitive, or overly caring, you’re being insecure. Know when you are experiencing ALL of the feels too much, and when you need to push yourself out of the emotional chaos you’ve created. Know when you’re people pleasing is actually just turning into getting yourself walked all over. Know how to maintain the balance of wanting to please everyone but also needing to please yourself.

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My advice?

Continue to be your emotional self, be vulnerable, take others under your wing-but don’t forget to think about you.

It’s okay to care (a lot), but remember that you matter as well. Let others take care of you every now and then, pull back from certain situations if they’re exhausting all of your energy, and keep in mind that you don’t have to be the saving grace every time. You are just as important as everyone else.

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