3 Reasons You Should Try Something New Once A Week

March 18, 2016



Do you find that you typically do the same routine every week? Wake up, breakfast, work (or school), maybe the gym, come home for dinner, binge watch some show on Netflix, go to sleep, and start it all over the next day?

Most of us can say that we fall into that pattern. It feels comfortable. It’s what we know. We know what to expect, we know the people we’ll see and speak to each day, and there is a sort of safety net in that predictable day to day life style. 

But, what if we just tried one new thing each week? Maybe it’s a fitness class you’ve been wanting to go to, but haven’t had the courage. Maybe it’s a networking event that you’re too shy to attend. Maybe it’s a new recipe that you think will just end up turning out bad.

Eliminate the ‘what if’s’ and the ‘maybes’, and you could experience some really amazing, different, and fun things once a week.

That means that even for just one hour of your entire week you are; getting out into the world around you, putting yourself out there, and encountering new people, things, culture, food (why would you pass up eating?), etc. So, why not try?

Experiencing something new will break you out of your ‘comfort zone’.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again-COMFORTABLE IS NOT FUN. Stop sulking on the couch after work, and get out there! That sounds scary, I know. Your ‘comfort zone’ is there for a reason.

You’ve built yourself into a bubble where you can always know what to expect. But where’s the fun in that?

By breaking out of this bubble you’ve created for yourself you lend yourself to so many new and different opportunities. Sure, some may not be all that great. But, at least you tried them.

You can meet new and like-minded people.

Do you ever feel like the people closest to you don’t appreciate the same types of things you do? Or maybe they don’t encourage you to try the things you’re yearning to in life. Well then, it’s time to start encouraging yourself.

Be your own best friend- get out there, and try that intense boot camp class you’ve been eager to try. There, you may just find the right group of people to motivate you to keep going.

Of course you can still keep those closest to you in your life, but now you have another group who supports your new endeavors into a fitter you, or whatever adventure you may be trying.

You’ll experience a new sense of excitement in your life.

Routines are great. They keep you in check, on track, and organized.

However, at some point they also stop you from stepping out and doing something different.

But, by doing just that you will allow a new sort of happiness, excitement, or thrill into your mind, body, and soul that you didn’t know was possible beforehand.

It’s not always about what looks best on your Instagram feed, it’s what fuels your mind and soul. How will you know if you don’t get out there?


So, why not get after it? Wanted to sign up for that intense half marathon this year even though you can’t run more than three miles? Do it. Challenge yourself to get there.

What have you got to lose?

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