Keep Going: Giving Up Is Not An Option

March 1, 2016

Some days, weeks, months, years-they feel never ending. They feel like a constant tornado is disrupting your life, and the black cloud over your head doesn’t want to fade away.

The sun isn’t shining, it feels like bricks are being thrown in your way, and you just want to fold.  But, I’m here to tell you that’s not an option.

I feel you-I’m dealing with the above as we speak. I’ve shed one too many tears a recently because it just doesn’t seem like life is ever going to go my way. But it will, eventually. Right now (even to me) that’s not really helping, but sometimes we need to take a back seat for a minute and think about the big picture in front of us.

Life is like a puzzle box with a million pieces inside. They all will fit together eventually, but it may take a really long f*cking time to get it. You may be sitting on that sky right now thinking that the hundreds of blue pieces cannot possibly go together. But they will. It just takes time, a new perspective, a little time away from the project- a new mindset.

If something isn’t going your way right now, think of it that way. Maybe you need a new perspective that you haven’t thought of. Maybe you need a break from the worry to reshape how you want your puzzle to come together.

Believe me, I know taking the worry, anxiety, fear, etc. out of your headspace when life is shi**y is really difficult. But, you have to try (and I will with you). Meditate, go to a yoga class, read your favorite book, go get that chocolate cupcake from your favorite bakery that you’ve been craving. Even if it’s a short break, it’s worth relieving the constant whirlwind of negative thoughts.

For me, writing this right now with my dog snuggled at my side is my break from the craziness of life. It feels relaxing to get it out, and to know that even though I feel insane, this warm big lump of love next to me doesn’t think so (or maybe he does, whatever-at least he’s snuggling with me).

My point? Everything isn’t always going to be sunshine and rainbows. I guess life wouldn’t really be that interesting if it was, right? So, when you’re at your lowest, when the tornado won’t let up, when you feel like throwing in the towel-remember that giving up is NOT an option.

The tornado will end, the right thing will come to you at the right time, and all of your puzzle pieces will come together to make a badass picture.

Be patient (which is 100% the hardest part for me, but is necessary), don’t stop pushing- you will make it.

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