Shout Out To My Squad: 3 Reasons You Keep Me Grounded

February 9, 2016


Many people I know were lucky enough to have an older or younger sister to bond with, grow up with, fight with, learn from, and love. However, I was given a life filled with two older brothers whom I love, but just don’t get me the way a sister may. Luckily, I didn’t have to go through my entire twenty-three years on this earth without a sister (or three). For ten years now I have been blessed with my soul sisters. No, they’re not biological sisters, but to me-they are most definitely family.

Who can say they’ve had the same best friends for ten years of their life? Do you know how many different life events have happened in that time? Between high school drama, moving to college, boyfriends, new friends, graduating, losses, traveling, moving to different cities, landing big-girl jobs- we’ve been through it all.

In that time, I’ve grown into a much different person than I was in high school when I first met my girls. We’re all so different than we were back in that awkward life stage. But, we grew into these amazing women together, and that’s what I think is so beautiful about our friendship. Despite rough patches in our own lives, we’ve picked each other up. Despite being countries apart, we supported each other. Despite now all living in different cities, we still know how to get together and have a rage of a time.

Three girls who know how to keep my life full of love, and this is why I’ll never let them go.

I can always count on them.

People always say that, but I can literally count on them in a moments notice. Our group text blows up all day, and never ceases to leave me smiling if I’m having a shitty day. I can call them individually with different problems, and they always know the right things to say. My dietitian friend? She gets all my health questions (but she loves it). If I need someone to calm my ass down, my calm, cool, and collected girl is there for me. If I need advice in finances or career, my hard-working (not that they all aren’t!) savvy lady is by my side.


They push me to be better.

Nothing stops these ladies from getting where they want to go, and they inspire me each day to keep chasing my dreams. That is what friendship is to me. They never weigh me down, or disregard my goals. Each of my sisters is hard-working AF, they never ever give up, and NEVER let me give up on myself. I’m grateful everyday that I have friends as motivated as they are, because without them I may have given up on a lot of adventures!


We’re all so different, dysfunctional, and insane-but we make it work.

Between our personalities, crazy schedules, absolute weirdness, and all the other things that come along with us- we always have the best times together. We make it work, we balance each other out, and in the end, I am literally in pain from laughing so hard when I am with them. We all have our different traits that we bring to the group, to form this amazing bond. We know how to party, we know how to cheer each other up, we know how to celebrate our accomplishments-we just get each other, and that to me is amazing.


We’ve traveled out of the country for one another, across the country for one another, city to city for one another, and have been one some insane adventures together. Ten years of friendship, ten years of laughs, tears, celebrations, and an unbreakable bond.

So here’s to you, to my soul sisters who forever keep my life full of sparkle, sunshine, laughter, and unconditional love.

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