3 Signs It's Time To Let Them Go

Letting someone out of your life is no easy task, whether it’s the person you’re dating, a best friend, or a family member. Odds are, that person has been in your life for years, and the thought of removing them from your world sounds slightly terrifying.

However, there comes a time when you need to face facts. If you’re considering letting this person go, then it is quite obvious that there is a reason you two should be apart. Maybe it feels like (and is true) that he or she no longer supports you, maybe all you do when you’re together is fight, maybe you’ve grown up and they haven’t, or maybe you’ve simply grown out of this relationship in one way or another.

Whatever the reason, it is a hard truth to come to terms with. But, the relationships we keep should be ones filled with joy, support, laughter, love, and a true connection. If you don’t have any of those anymore, what do you really have?

If any of the ‘maybe’ situations ring true for you right now, it’s time to ask yourself why you are still continuing to tangle your world in this other persons. So, follow the signs and ask yourself:

1. Is this person toxic?

This is a hard question to answer, but once you dig a bit deeper it will become clear. If all you do is fight, name call, spill over with jealousy at this persons every move, don’t receive the support you need, etc.-this person is a toxic element in your life. There is no reason that you should keep them around when all they have to give is a bad taste in your mouth.

2. Have you grown out of said person?

Also, another tough question to answer. But weed through the conversations that you’ve had with him or her. Do you have similar beliefs in this crazy world? Do they have as big of goals as you do? Do they want to chase dreams, travel, and get as much out of life as you do? If the answer is a big no, no, and no-then what do you have to gain from this relationship? If they aren’t on the same page as you, how can they support you?

3. Do they make you happy?

Pretty simple question. Does this person make you feel pure happiness when you’re together? Can you just sit in silence and be content? Does their name popping up on your phone get you excited because you love hearing from this person (Sorry, you got a bunch of other questions added on to this one)? These are serious things to consider when you are on the fence about keeping someone in your life.

Letting go of the one’s that once made us smile, that once felt like the only person we could turn to, that once made us happy-it’s not easy. However, like I’ve done in the past-I would rather remove a toxic person from my life (no matter how difficult, sad, and hurt you may feel while doing it), than lead a life with someone who brings me nothing but bitterness, sadness, and harm.

Your happiness is important too, never forget that.

3 Reasons You Should Practice The Law Of Attraction

Despite what you believe or don’t believe, I know one thing is for sure-the universe WANTS to help us all. I’ve done enough self-help book reading, self-reflecting, and research to understand that one thing. And coming from a cynical, sarcastic, ‘The world hates me’ kind of girl (I’m working on that part), that is saying a lot.

The law of attraction is a pretty simple concept to grab a hold of: you think positive thoughts, positive things will come to you. However, if you continue thinking your ‘everything is against me’ negative thoughts, well nothing is going to change.

This may sound like a bunch of bs to you, as it did to me at first. But then I realized something, it works. Yes, it does require some work from you, yes it does mean that you need to work on your negative attitude, but no I am not telling you that you need to think of rainbows and unicorns every hour of the day. The Law of Attraction is something that I’ve made room for in my life, and although it took a lot for me to cut some of my negativity out-in the end (and still right at this moment) it feels SO much better to have a more positive outlook on things. So why not give it a try?

You will bring the things you want into your life.

By simply putting out to the universe that you really want that new job because, you’ve worked hard for it and you deserve it, that right job will come along. It may not come the second you want it, or the exact company you thought of, but The universe works in funny ways so it just may be that the one they let fall in your lap is 10x better.


You will feel your world shifting into a more positive place.

If you sit around all day telling yourself you are not good enough, everyone hates your work, etc. etc., that is the kind of world you are going to attract. Plain and simple. However, by using the Law of Attraction in a positive way and switching those statements to something like ‘I am doing my absolute best’, the universe is going to give you a little pat on the back, and help you out. In that way, your entire world is going feel a lot lighter and happier.


You will not only attract new things in your life, but new people as well.

The people around you (whether it be strangers or your friends) are going to start to notice the new and improved you. You’re going to attract those relationships you want- the one’s that have substance and meaning, not the one night stands and passing friendships.


Once a day, take a moment to yourself and say ONE, just one positive thing. Whether it be about yourself physically, mentally, or about something that you’re working your ass off to get. Then let the universe do the rest of the work for you, because whether you believe it or not, something or someone out there has your back. And obviously, not everyday is going to be perfect. Some days negative thoughts get the best of us and it’s hard to remember why you should stay so positive. Some days it will feel like nothing is going your way, and you want to just give up. Don’t give up. Let yourself feel like shit for a minute or two, and then keep pushing. We’re all so caught up in self-hate and negativity (I’m at fault too), but there are so many ways to change that. The Law of Attraction (if you use it positively) is there to help you out, so let it.

If you need guidance here are a few of my favorite books:

Gabrielle Bernstein’s The Universe Has Your Back

Jen Senciro’s You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear  (my personal favorite)


Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash

Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash