5 Ways To Stay True To Yourself in This Mad, Mad World

December 1, 2015

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On a daily basis, we are all pulled in a million and one different directions. Friends, family, work- it can all be a lot to handle. With everyone shoving their opinions, ideas, thoughts, feelings, and occasionally (or all the time in some cases) their negativity your way it’s hard to really stay true to yourself. However, it’s not impossible. Re-centering ourselves, remembering why we started whatever journey we’re on, and sticking to our goals can be done. It may be challenging (especially when you have negative people swarming around you), but learning how to do it is important.

  1. Remember why you started on this path.

Goals, aspirations, passion- what about this really drove you to take on this course you’re on right now? Whether it’s your job, relationship, running a marathon- why do you want to continue where you are? (And if you don’t-how can you fix it?)

2. Write it Out

Write down what about yourself and your journey brings you the most happiness or satisfaction.¬†Get cocky- what are you really good at? Get real- what is bringing you the most happiness right now (because that’s what really matters, isn’t it?..Please say yes).

3. Drown out the negativity.

This is the most difficult, because we cannot control what those around us say or do. We can only control how we react to it. Getting angry every time x happens isn’t going to help you or anyone around you (I know, I’m 100% guilty of this). Vent real quick, tune it out, whatever it takes to not break you off of the course towards your goals or happiness. More often than not we let the distraction of other peoples negativity, issues, or feelings towards us bring us down. Prove them wrong. Be different. Get your sh*t done despite those people in your life.

4. Recenter

It’s always important to gain a new perspective or insight. Go back to the beginning, back to where it started (This can happen in your mind I’m not asking you to drive back to your hometown or something crazy). Refocus your attention, mind, and body. If your path is not in line with your end goals, what can you do to fix that? If your path is not making you happy inside and out, what can you do to fix it? Use this time to recenter and answer these questions.

5. Be Selfish.

Yes, that dreaded word-you can be that. If you need a break from someone or something-take it. If you know that you are too good for the job you are at now-do the work to find a different one. Realize your self worth, and don’t settle to please everyone around you ALL the time. Put yourself first here and there, and you will thank yourself later.

Staying true to ourselves is a challenge in itself, never mind all of the other bullsh*t we have to deal with. Even though you may want to throw in the towel at times, it’s important to regain your focus, remember why YOU are on YOUR journey, and keep at it. There is nothing wrong with helping others along the way, but don’t forget about your own happiness through it all. At the end of the day, we know what is best for ourselves-stay true to that and you will only be successful.


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