How To Make Lemonade When Life Keeps Handing You Lemons

November 17, 2015

Dealing with life can be hard in general, never mind when it feels like nothing can go right. Everywhere you turn it feels like life is shoving another ‘lemon’ in your face, and you’re not sure whether or not to cry, laugh, or just give up altogether. I don’t know about you, but unless that lemon is spiked with vodka, I want nothing to do with it. The saying goes, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”- but how the f**k are we supposed to do that when we have no recipe and a bag full of f**king lemons? I’ve asked myself that question many times, and I don’t think I have it all figured out (because who really does?), but I definitely have some insight thanks to life throwing many curve balls my way

1. Do NOT give up no matter how much you desperately want to.

I know you have days where you want to throw in the towel because you haven’t gotten what you wanted, and you are for lack of a better term OVER IT. I get it. Have a good cry, punch your pillow, whatever you need to do to get it out-and then you need to go back at it. Whatever it is you want out of life, go get it. There is another way that you haven’t thought of, there is someone you haven’t met yet who can help you- it’s out there. Don’t give in to the bag of lemons life has just handed you (alright, I’m done with the lemon analogy I promise).

2. Positive Attitude (Yup, that thing you probably don’t have right now)

Keeping a positive outlook on life in general can feel like an impossible task when you want to give up. But since we’re not going to give up on what we want, a positive attitude is necessary. If you keep up your negativity, the only thing coming your way is going to be negative energy. Give way to positivity, and might just find that lemonade recipe (I so lied about the lemon analogy, it’s too much fun).

3. Go Back to The Drawing Board

If you can’t seem to get a handle on things, and it feels like everything is crumbling down around you-get your head in the game and make a new plan. Clearly, what you have going on is not working. Whether it’s your constant negativity, people in your life that are toxic- whatever it is it’s causing unwanted chaos in your life. Go back, and figure out what it really is. What needs to go? What needs to stay? What can you be doing differently to stop the chaos?

4. Get Out of Your Own Head

When everything feels at its worse, your head usually never stops working. The ‘What ifs’, the self hate, the anxious thoughts-it all becomes a whirlwind of negativity that doesn’t seem to quit. But, just like you have the power to think those sh**ty thoughts, you have the power to shut them down as well. Get the huge STOP sign out of the way, and go take action. Life handed you these really sour, gross, bitter lemons, and now you need to get out of your own way and make sh*t happen. Make that lemonade (preferably spiked with vodka), and stop wondering ‘why me?’.

We could sit around and play victim when life throws too much our way, but why not stand up and do something about it?



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