7 Ways To Embody Your Inner Beyoncé

October 13, 2015

Finding our way in this world can be a scary and draining road. Between our families, friends, society, and work we are always pulled in a different direction. Through this journey it is easy to lose our true selves, and we find ourselves doubting our decisions, bodies, and mind. However, it is important that we learn to pump the brakes on this whirlwind we call life, and evaluate where we have come and who we have become. If you’re like myself, and find that you are in a bit of a rut mentally, don’t lose faith. Being able to recognize that we are not living up to our potential is the first step of many in becoming who we are truly meant to be. Below you will find a list that can get you on the straight and narrow to becoming your baddest, strongest, and most awesome self.

Develop a positive attitude.

This alone has been the hardest part for me. Around others, I am the happy go lucky girl. However, in my own mind I can become the most negative and self-destructive person. If we think bad thoughts, how are we supposed to move past this mini crisis we have found ourselves in? I don’t care how corny it may sound or what you need to do, but STAY POSITIVE. Oh, someone just hit your car? No biggie. Things could be worse, and you have insurance for a reason. You dropped your beloved coffee on the way into work on a Monday? Maybe you need to lay off the caffeine anyways. Move on with your day, the world is not out to get you.  So, stand in front of your mirror (or whatever you have to do) and throw some positive energy your own way!


Believe in what you may ask? Yourself, of course! Believe that there is a job out there waiting for you, the perfect apartment in the best location, or a new guy that is just waiting for you to notice him. If you truly are open to accepting these things, you need to believe that they will happen to you. Kick that positive attitude up a notch, and have a little faith that the world is on your side!

Challenge Yourself.

If you’re restless, bored, or stuck in a rut- you may need a new challenge. I don’t care if this means taking on more at work, running a 5k, or learning to knit. You need something new, something fun, and something positive to challenge you. If you’re restless, remaining on your couch and waiting for Netflix to release the next season of your favorite show will not help you (Believe me, I’ve tried). So, get out there and try something new for a change!

Stop Settling.

You will never reach your potential if you remain stagnant. Leave that low paying, awful job. Leave that boyfriend who has the wandering eye. Leave the apartment where your landlord still hasn’t fixed your heat. Leave it all behind. Sitting around and waiting for these issues to fix themselves, or staying because you’re ‘comfortable’ will most definitely not earn you the title of ‘most successful’. Step out of your comfort zone, and make shit happen.

Make Peace

Holding a grudge on someone? Did your boyfriend cheat on you, and you can’t move past it? Does your boss single you out in front of everyone on a weekly basis? You cannot change these people. If you’re Mom isn’t in your life because she can’t get herself together, if your boss won’t stop breathing down your neck no matter what-these are out of your control. As long as you have done your personal best in these relationships, there may be nothing left to give. Forgive the person who caused you pain, move past the event, and make it in to a teachable moment. You may never forget the people or events that have hurt you, but you can learn lessons from them, which makes you the stronger person. Which in turn helps you become your baddest most awesome self!

Find Confidence.

Without having confidence in yourself, there is no way that others will believe in your strides to make it in this crazy world. If you’re lacking any sort of confidence, pin point what it is. Is it your resume that is lacking, do you hate looking in the mirror, do you feel ‘fat’, did you get a bad dye job and your hair is fried? Whatever it is, fix it. And I don’t mean go starve yourself or buy a wig. I mean, fix it mentally. Come to terms with who you are. We need to not only make peace with others, but with ourselves as well. (This goes back to number three, challenge yourself!). If you’re uncomfortable with the fact that you may have put on a few winter lbs., go hit it hard in the gym. Make it a challenge for yourself. However, you also need to learn to accept the body, mind, and soul you have been given for what it is. Don’t change the beauty within you because you want to look a certain way in person or on paper.

Fall in Love With Yourself (MOST IMPORTANT)

So, I have saved the best for last. Every day millions of people fall in love with their soul mates. However, what many of us forget to do is fall in love with ourselves first. If we do not believe that we are worth that pay raise, the hot guy at the bar, or that perfect apartment in the city-then why should anyone else believe we’re worth it? When you fall in love with yourself, you open yourself up to so many more possibilities. Love yourself enough to challenge yourself, not settle, believe you are the best, forgive others, and have confidence that you are worth all that the world has to offer. With this new found self-love, there is no way that you cannot become your baddest, most awesome self.

So, embody your inner Beyoncé and go after the things you want with confidence and strength. What have you really got to lose?

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